Resident Doctors of Saskatchewan members, excluding Type B Residents, receive reimbursement of 100% premiums for liability insurance through Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA). The CMPA requires direct payment by residents. Residents then submit for reimbursement from their employer.

Changes to How the CMPA Accepts Payment of Fees

In the fall of 2019, the CMPA introduced significant changes to how their fees will be collected for the 2020-2021 academic year and beyond.

They will no longer accept third-party payments due to their new technological payment systems. Starting July 1st 2020, all payments will need to come directly from individual CMPA members. This means that they will no longer allow the University of Saskatchewan to directly pay for your CMPA membership fees on your behalf, rather they will require the individual residents to pay the CMPA fees directly to the CMPA and then the University will have to reimburse each resident for the full amount.

The University of Saskatchewan pays 100% of your CMPA fee, as per Article 15.1 of our Collective Bargaining Agreement. This is not changing. However, the University will have to reimburse you for your CMPA fees starting in the 2020-2021 academic year rather than pay them directly to the CMPA for you.

Options for Reimbursement

Residents have three options to pay their CMPA dues yearly – annual fee payment, monthly pre- authorized debit and annual pre-authorized debit. The PGME office will reimburse residents on a monthly basis (the pro-rated monthly amount). For this reason, residents are encouraged to set up monthly pre-authorized debit with the CMPA.

Prior to the last Thursday of each month, residents will submit their CMPA statement of account to Ms. Chastin Miller in the PGME office at ( The reimbursement will be processed by the beginning of the following month. Should a resident miss the deadline, the reimbursement will be processed the next month.

If residents wish to pay their dues annually, they will submit their annual statement of account; however, they will be reimbursed a pro-rated amount on a monthly basis over the course of the year.

If a resident goes on a leave of absence, they must notify CMPA. If this leave of absence should lead to a resident receiving a refund from CMPA for any months already reimbursed by the PGME Office, the resident must contact Ms. Miller immediately to discuss repayment options.

Relevant Article from the Collective Bargaining Agreement

Article 15.0 - Insurance

Article 15.1 Liability Insurance (CMPA)

All Residents working within Saskatchewan are to be covered by CMPA for liability insurance. The Employer agrees to pay one hundred percent (100%) of the cost of CMPA coverage for all Residents, excluding Type B Residents. It is understood that the type of coverage provided under this benefit will not include work performed outside the Resident’s normal Program, aka ‘moonlighting’.