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Resident of the Month Award

Congratulations to Michal Gozdzik, Resident of the Month!

Dr. Michal Gozdzik, PGY3, Internal Medicine

Michal is PGY3 Internal Medicine resident in Saskatoon. Originally from Edmonton, Alberta, he completed medical school at the University of Calgary prior to starting residency at the University of Saskatchewan. Outside of the hospital he enjoys fishing, cooking, and spending time with his wife Emma and other fellow residents.

Here are some of the reasons that Michal was chosen as this month’s Resident of the Month (as quoted from the nomination letter):

As a member of the CBD curriculum committee for Internal Medicine, “Dr. Gozdzik has been tirelessly coordinating and providing ongoing training to staff and residents. We owe him our immense gratitude for the smooth transition to CBD.”

“Dr. Gozdzik was instrumental in establishing the medical student shadowing data base, organizing career talks, and creating a friendly environment for CaRMS applicants to learn more about Saskatchewan’s program.”

“In addition to Dr. Gozdzik’s involvement in our program, he demonstrates continued excellence in patient care, scholarship, and mentorship of junior residents… Because of [his] exemplary service, he has not only earned the nomination for this award, but also the admiration and respect of his patients, colleagues, and staff.”

Congratulations, Michal!

Nominate a Colleague for the Resident of the Month Award!

The objective of this award is to promote resident well-being by recognizing and rewarding residents who make exceptional contributions, both in their academic field and in their extracurricular activities.

All RDoS members – with the exception of voting members of the RDoS Board of Directors - are eligible for the award, and can be nominated by anyone finding the resident deserving of the honour.