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Resident of the Month Award

Congratulations to Kristen Edwards, Resident of the Month!

Kristen Edwards, PGY4, Psychiatry

I am from Regina, SK and am a University of Saskatchewan medical school graduate, in my PGY4 year of Psychiatry. I am about to take my second maternity leave during residency and am trying my best to balance studying, enjoyment of work in an area I love, and spending time with my husband and soon to be two children.

Here are some of the reasons that Kristen was chosen as this month’s Resident of the Month (as quoted from the nomination letter):

“She is always collegial and willing to work with her co-residents to help cover call, cover teaching for morning teaching rounds and is always motivated and reliable in her own work.”

“Not only is she engaged in her own learning but she is also always sharing valuable resources with her co-residents. She is incredibly time efficient and equitable in her division of work as a co-resident and when teaching clerks.”

“. . . as she pursues a career in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and plans to continue her learning through a subspecialty PGY-6 year, she is building on her already strong communication skills of working with patients and their families in vulnerable, emotional and challenging times.”

“. . . the primary reason Dr. Edwards should be considered for Resident of the Month is her incredible dependability and loyalty.”

Congratulations Kristen!

Nominate a Colleague for the Resident of the Month Award!

The objective of this award is to promote resident well-being by recognizing and rewarding residents who make exceptional contributions, both in their academic field and in their extracurricular activities.

All RDoS members – with the exception of voting members of the RDoS Board of Directors - are eligible for the award, and can be nominated by anyone finding the resident deserving of the honour.