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Resident of the Month Award

Congratulations to Sarah Frangou, Resident of the Month!

Sarah Frangou is a PGY4 Psychiatry resident based in Saskatoon. Born and raised in Saskatchewan, she has previously lived in Alberta and British Columbia, but completed all her post-secondary and now post-graduate education in Saskatchewan. She enjoys riding bikes, snowboarding and spending time with her co-residents. She plans to pursue a career in adult psychiatry.

Here are some of the reasons that Sarah was chosen as this month’s Resident of the Month (as quoted from the nomination letter):

All the residents can depend on Sarah to take her academic role seriously, and the clerks can depend on her teaching due to the time she puts into developing them.”

“Sarah is a great collaborator… She recently helped develop a working group with nurses and other residents to improve communication and empathy between the Dubé nurses and psychiatry residents.”

 “Sarah just completed a time-consuming and demanding rotation in her PGY3 Psychiatry year, yet she still was determined to lead a balanced and healthy lifestyle… She models the life she encourages her patients to live.”

Congratulations Sarah!

Nominate a Colleague for the Resident of the Month Award!

The objective of this award is to promote resident well-being by recognizing and rewarding residents who make exceptional contributions, both in their academic field and in their extracurricular activities.

All RDoS members – with the exception of voting members of the RDoS Board of Directors - are eligible for the award, and can be nominated by anyone finding the resident deserving of the honour.  

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