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Resident of the Month Award

Congratulations to Brendon Macknak, Resident of the Month!

Brendon is proudly from the small town of Cupar, Saskatchewan. He is currently completing his residency in Internal Medicine. Outside of work he spends his time with his wonderful wife Aimee and beautiful daughters Zoey and Naomi. They love strolling along the river in Saskatoon with their dog Scotty. Brendon enjoys training in Saskatchewan because of its collegial atmosphere and the gratitude patients show on a daily basis. He is grateful to serve the people of his home province.

Here are some of the reasons that Brendon was chosen as this month’s Resident of the Month (as taken from his nomination letter):

Brendon“… has actively engaged in expanding social events to generate a more inclusive culture within Internal Medicine …, establishing sub-committees to promote resident engagement.”

“His aptitude for translating complex topics into easily digestible lessons has earned him a reputation amongst medical students and residents alike as one of the strongest resident-educators in the college.”

“…despite his busy professional schedule” Brendon “demonstrates commitment to his own health by continuing to read, exercise and cultivate his mediocre foosball skills…”

Congratulations Brendon!

Nominate a Colleague for the Resident of the Month Award!

The objective of this award is to promote resident well-being by recognizing and rewarding residents who make exceptional contributions, both in their academic field and in their extracurricular activities.

All RDoS members – with the exception of voting members of the RDoS Board of Directors - are eligible for the award, and can be nominated by anyone finding the resident deserving of the honour.

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