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Resident of the Month Award

Congratulations to Sarah Melendez, Resident of the Month!

Sarah Melendez, PGY5, Diagnostic Radiology

Sarah Melendez was born in Fort McMurray, Alberta and raised in Edmonton before leaving for London, Ontario to pursue her undergraduate degree in medical sciences. She attended the University of Alberta for medical school and is currently completing the fifth year of her diagnostic radiology residency program at the University of Saskatchewan. She will be returning to Edmonton this summer to complete a fellowship in pediatric imaging. Sarah shares her time in Saskatoon with her husband, Natanael, and their two cats, Stuart and Toby.

Here are some of the reasons that Sarah was chosen as this month’s Resident of the Month (as quoted from the nomination letter):

“Sarah is a calm, caring and efficient PGY5 radiology resident who acts as a role model for all the junior residents in our program.”

“Sarah handles difficult conversations efficiently and loves talking to the patients. Although radiology has limited patient exposure, Sarah is always willing to take an extra step and answer any questions that the patients may have.”

“Outside radiology, Sarah is passionate about a healthy lifestyle and building stronger bonds with her colleagues. She arranges lunches for the residents/ultrasound technicians to get together outside of work.”

Congratulations Sarah!

Nominate a Colleague for the Resident of the Month Award!

The objective of this award is to promote resident well-being by recognizing and rewarding residents who make exceptional contributions, both in their academic field and in their extracurricular activities.

All RDoS members – with the exception of voting members of the RDoS Board of Directors - are eligible for the award, and can be nominated by anyone finding the resident deserving of the honour.

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