Resident doctors may request up to two days each academic year to attend to personal matters. The leave can be either scheduled ahead or used in urgent situations. In non-emergent situations, the leave is subject to approval by the Program Director. If the day requested to be scheduled ahead is not feasible, the Program Director and Resident will work together to find another day that is suitable. 

Submit your leave request form

This is a standard PGME leave request form.  Please speak with your Program Administrative Assistant to ensure you have the correct form, as each program may have different or additional forms.

Collective Bargaining Agreement

Article 13.8 Family or Personal Responsibility Leave

Article 13.8

Upon request a resident may be granted leave with pay for up to two (2) days in any calendar year. This leave is intended for situations that need to be attended to but may or may not normally be scheduled in advance. In emergent situations, the Resident will inform their supervisor as soon as possible regarding the need to take
such a leave. In non-emergent situations, the Resident shall consult in advance with their Program Director to obtain approval.

Article 9.11 Limitations of Work Periods

Article 9.11

Vacation time, sick leave and leave of absence for any purpose shall not be regarded as time available for on-call duty periods; rather, the number of duty periods shall be prorated to the number of days actually worked. (Article 12.0)