If the Monday is a statutory holiday, then the Sunday directly before is the middle day of that long weekend.

If the Friday is the stat holiday, then the middle day is the Saturday directly following.

In the case of the Easter weekend, where Resident Doctors have both Friday and Monday as stat holidays, both the Saturday and Sunday in between are each a middle day.

You must work at least 8 hours between 0800 and 0800 on a middle day to claim it. You may claim a day in lieu to be used anytime 30 days prior or after the middle day you worked.

You cannot claim both a middle day and a stat holiday benefit within a 24 hour period. If there are more than 24 hours between them, you may claim both benefits.

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Relevant Article from the Collective Bargaining Agreement

Article 11.8 On-Call Duty on the Middle Day of a Long Weekend

Article 11.8

Where a Resident is scheduled for the middle day(s) of a long weekend, this person is entitled to a paid day(s) off. The paid day off must be arranged with the Program Director (or the Administrative Resident where this authority is delegated by the Program Director) and must be taken in advance of the occasion or within thirty (30) days after the occasion.

The on-call period on the middle day is defined as 0800 to 0800. Any Resident who works a minimum of eight (8) hours (in-house or out-of-house) on the middle day is entitled to a day off. When the middle day overlaps the statutory holiday from 2400 hours to 0800 hours, the Resident is entitled to claim the greater of the two (2) benefits. The Resident shall be entitled to claim only one (1) benefit in a twenty-four (24) hour period.

Paid days off must be taken before the expiry of the current appointment. No additional payment of remuneration will be issued with respect to this paid day off under any circumstances. Christmas Day and New Year’s Day will not be considered in granting any paid day off.