Appendix A Form A

Appendix “A”                                                                                              FORM A

University of Saskatchewan Postgraduate Medical Education


TO:  Dr. [first name] [last name]

Pursuant to your appointment to postgraduate training in [program] for the period from the           day of           , 20     to the           day of           , 20     as a [training level], pay level [pay  level] we wish to advise you that the standard terms and conditions of your employment are contained in a Collective Agreement between PAIRS and the University of Saskatchewan dated the          day of          , 20         .  Form A and the Collective Agreement constitutes the contractual agreement between you and the College of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan.

Resident                                                                          Date

Dean of Medicine                                                             Date
University of Saskatchewan

Assistant Dean of Medicine Date                                       Date
Postgraduate Medical Education
University of Saskatchewan

Appendix A Form B

Appendix “A”                                                                                          FORM B

University of Saskatchewan Postgraduate Medical Education

TO:  Dr. <fn> <ln>

The annual membership fee to the Professional Association of Internes and Residents of Saskatchewan (PAIRS) is mandatory as a condition of employment. Dues will be collected by payroll deduction, or, must be directly remitted to PAIRS if your salary is paid by a source other than the University of Saskatchewan.

Check one:
{ } I wish to belong to PAIRS and I authorize this payroll deduction to be made on my behalf  by the College of Medicine.

{    } I do not wish to belong to PAIRS.  I agree to contact the President of PAIRS within thirty days of the date of my appointment to give my reasons for not joining PAIRS. I agree that membership dues will be deducted from my pay and remitted to PAIRS.


Also, I hereby agree to the release of my name, address and telephone number to PAIRS by the University of Saskatchewan.






Appendix A Type B Residents

(Sponsored by Special Contract)

The following articles do not apply to Type B Residents:
Article 7.0 Salary Classification - Amount is set by the sponsoring agent.
Article 8.1 Scales of Remuneration
Article 8.2 Administrative Resident Stipend
Article 9.3 Excess Call Payment - excess in house
Article 9.4 Excess Call Payment - 24 hours on/24 hours off call
Article 9.6 On-Call Stipends
Article 11.2 Statutory holiday payments (can take the day off in lieu)
Article 13.3.2 Maternity Leave Supplementary Benefits
Article 13.6 Paid travel time for examination leave
Article 14.0 Disability Pay
Article 15.1 Liability Insurance (CMPA)
Article 15.4 Life Insurance
Article 15.5 Dental Program
Article 15.6 Extended Health Benefits
Article 22.1 Registration Fees - College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan
Article 22.2 Registration Fees - University of Saskatchewan

Appendix B Regional Health Authority-Provided Employment Conditions

Appendix “B”


The parties agree that this appendix sets out the conditions that Residents are generally and reasonably expected to enjoy during their work in health care facilities pursuant to Article 1.1 of the Collective Agreement.

On site parking (presumed to be electrified)

Call Rooms inclusive of:

  • Residential-style beds with daily fresh linens
  • Telephone and internet access
  • Desk, chair and lamp
  • Ready access to toilet, shower and bath facilities (serviced daily)

Access to designated lounge inclusive of:

  • Fridge
  • Microwave
  • Reasonable furnishings
  • Regular cleaning
  • Computer w/internet, internal system access and printer
  • Television

Alpha-numeric pagers or equivalent communication devices

Uniform/laundry service (scrubs, lab coats, gloves as needed)

Access to recreational/health facilities on sites

Access to food source while on duty (esp. evenings/nights)

Compensation for reasonable out of pocket expenses incurred by Residents on mandatory, in-province rotations, consistent with RHA policy for physicians

NOTE: The foregoing items are not subject to the grievance procedure. Issues related thereto must be refferd to Phase 1, Union-Management Relations protocol (Article 6).