Article 19.0 Dismissal and Resignation

Article 19.1 Credentials

It is agreed and understood that licensure of physicians is the function of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan and credentialing of physicians is the function of Regional Health Authorities in Saskatchewan. Consequently, a decision to suspend or dismiss a Resident from work in a RHA is outside the jurisdiction of the Employer. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Employer undertakes to use its best efforts to
provide educational continuity in any such circumstances. Moreover, the Employer will encourage the CPSS and RHA’s to ensure that the principles of natural justice apply to any such suspensions or dismissals and the review thereof. 

Article 19.2 Program Standing

No Resident shall be suspended or dismissed from their academic program without cause. Suspension or dismissal from an academic program for non-academic reasons may be grieved by the Resident pursuant to Article 6. 

Article 19.3 Disputed Program Evaluation

In the event of a dispute regarding a written evaluation of a Resident’s academic performance, the Resident may access the appeal process set out in the College of Medicine’s policies and procedures, which are not part of this Collective Agreement and which are not collectively bargained, pursuant to Article 3.3.

Article 19.4 Resignation

A Resident who voluntarily resigns from an academic program will provide at least one (1) calendar month’s written notice to the Program Director and Assistant Dean of Postgraduate Medical Education. 

Article 20.0 Health Care Facility Rules and Regulations

Residents agree to abide by all bylaws, rules and regulations (which are not inconsistent with the provisions of this Collective Agreement) in force and effect at any health care facility in which they may receive their training/employment. 

Article 21.0 PAIRS Association Activities

Article 21.1 

PAIRS will advise the Human Resources Division of the Employer and the Assistant Dean of Postgraduate Medical Education of the names of members of their Board of Directors and Executive upon appointment.

Article 21.2

The Employer agrees to provide representatives of PAIRS with an opportunity and forum for meeting with new Residents so that the representatives of PAIRS may introduce the new Residents to the function of PAIRS. Such an opportunity shall be made available during working hours and within six (6) weeks of the date of
commencement of training of new Residents.

Article 21.3

 It is agreed that there will be no discrimination practiced or exercised with respect to any member of PAIRS by virtue of lawful activities on behalf of the association.

Article 22.0 Registration Fees

Article 22.1 College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan

The College of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan will pay the fee for educational registration with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan. This payment will relate to educational registration only.

Article 22.2 University of Saskatchewan

The College of Medicine will pay the registration fee to the Employer on behalf of all Residents in Royal College and Family Medicine Programs. Residents are required to complete registration documentation in accordance with University and College policy and procedures.

Article 23.0 Parking Facilities

Article 23.1

It is understood and agreed by the parties to this Agreement that safe and reasonably secure automobile parking facilities are an important aspect of the provision of efficient services by Residents. It is further understood and agreed, pursuant to Article 1.1, that this Agreement cannot bind Regional Health Authorities. Therefore, any issues or disputes regarding the availability or adequacy of Resident parking arrangements shall be referred to the process set out in Article 6.1 so as to achieve timely resolution thereof.