COVID-19 information is changing rapidly. RDoS is here to help you stay on top of important updates. This page will be updated regularly.

RDoS has a dedicated internal team regularly monitoring developments, responding to issues and concerns, and planning solutions collaboratively with all stakeholders.

If you have questions or concerns regarding COVID-19 and your residency, please contact our office.

PGME Updates

Memo #10 on March 25 - Licensure, Vacation, Leaves

Memo #9 on March 24 - Pregnant & Immunocompromised Residents

Memo #8 on March 21- New Cut-Off Date for Travellers is March 6

Memo #7 on March 20 - Redeployment & Educational Decisions

Memo #6 on March 18 - Spectrum App Info

Memo #5 on March 16 - Issues/Protocol for Residency

Memo #4 on March 15 - Travel/Isolation #2

Memo #3 on March 13 - Travel/Isolation #1

Memo #2 on March 11 - Emergency Dept Clarification

Memo #1 on March 10 - Emergency Dept No Off-Service Residents

Exam Updates from RDoC

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CPSS Updates

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CMPA Updates

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SHA Public Health Orders

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SMA Updates

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CMAJ Articles

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