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Excellence in Teaching Awards

The annual Resident Doctors of Saskatchewan Excellence in Teaching Awards recognize the clinicians and faculty who are exceptional teachers, in terms of their positive role modeling, enthusiasm and quality of teaching. Nominations open in March and recipients are selected in April by a Resident Doctors of Saskatchewan awards committee.

The 2018 Resident Doctors of Saskatchewan Awards Committee is pleased to announce this year's winners:

Dr. Alexandra Akinfiresoye, Internal Medicine, Swift Current      

Dr. Allison Budd, Department of Medicine, Saskatoon      

Dr. Raymond Deobald, General Surgery, Saskatoon      

Dr. Kotoo Meguro, Neurosurgery, Saskatoon      

Dr. Rachel Netahe Asiniwasis, Dermatology, Regina      

Dr. Tiann O’Carroll, Emergency Medicine, Regina   

The Awards Committee would also like to acknowledge all of the nominees, and commend them on their exceptional teaching: Drs. Frederik Engelbrecht (Emergency Medicine, Battleford), Mansfield Mela (Psychiatry, Saskatoon), Paul Murphy (Ophthalmology, Saskatoon) and David Stammers (Pediatric Hematology, Saskatoon).

Dr. Tiann O'Carroll receives her Excellence in Teaching Award trophy.

Dr. Kotoo Meguro with Neurosurgery residents Amit Persad, Brittany Vanderlot, Michael Kindrachuk, Zane Tymchak, Uzair Ahmed and Sarah Edwards.

Dr. Allison Budd with Internal Medicine residents Patricia Araneta and Michal Gozdzik.

Dr. Rachel Netahe Asiniwasis receives her teaching award from Internal Medicine resident Shivraj Riar.

Dr. Alexandra Akinfiresoye with Jonathan Dean, General Internal Medicine resident.