Residents get four calendar weeks (20 regular working days) of paid vacation per academic year.

Residents are encouraged to use their four weeks of vacation during the academic year for rest and restoration.

If you were unable to use all of your vacation days within the academic year, you may carry-over up two weeks vacation leave to the next academic year with the approval of your Program Director, or be paid out for unused vacation days.

Please note that residents must submit all vacation requests to the Program Director for approval or denial. Requests should not be denied unreasonably, but each request will be looked at on a case by case basis to determine if each specific request is feasible.

For residents who go on maternity leave, parental leave and extended sick leave: please note that your vacation leave accumulation pauses while you are away, but you will continue where you left off when you return to work.

Relevant Articles from the Collective Bargaining Agreement

Article 12.0 Vacation Leave

Article 12.1

Each Resident shall receive, during each year of Residency training, four (4) calendar weeks of paid annual vacation. This is equivalent to twenty (20) regular working days. Vacation leave is not required for activities which are considered normal aspects of a residency program such as teaching and college mandated education.

Vacation leave will be arranged such that any instance in which five (5) or more regular working days are taken consecutively, Residents will not be placed on duty the weekend directly before or after, and also, any weekend(s) which falls within the vacation period. Clinical duties will end at the end of the regular working day on Friday, no later than Friday midnight.

No individual rotation-specific vacation policy shall apply. In the case where rotations refuse a requested vacation period, the reason for refusal shall be shared with the resident and parent Program Director. If the reason is not deemed satisfactory by the parent Program Director, the Resident’s request shall be upheld. Any routine policy for refusal of vacation requests is deemed a violation of the collective bargaining agreement.

Article 12.2

A Resident with an appointment period of less than one (1) year shall earn and receive vacation time at the rate of one and two-third (1 2/3) days per calendar month or major portion thereof.

Article 12.3

A Resident shall receive regular pay in lieu of any vacation leave remaining at the end of an academic year if, for any reason, it was not possible to take the vacation leave within the academic year. Alternatively, if a consecutive appointment is being made, unused vacation leave to a maximum of two (2) weeks may be carried over to the following year with the approval of the Program Director.

Article 12.4

Where practicable, vacation leave must be approved at least two (2) weeks ahead of the commencement date. Program Directors will not unreasonably deny vacation requests.

Article 12.5

If a Resident becomes seriously ill, seriously injured, or hospitalized during a period of vacation leave, the Resident may apply to the Employer through the Office of Postgraduate Education to have the period of vacation leave replaced by sick leave. The Resident shall provide documentation to support the claim. If the request is approved, the period of vacation so displaced shall be reinstated for use as vacation and scheduled in the normal manner.

Articles 9.12 and 9.13

Article 9.12

Program Directors, via the Program Administrative Assistant with the assistance of the Administrative Resident as necessary, will email to RDoS all final resident duty schedules on the day they are posted in the program.

Article 9.13

Vacation time, sick leave and leave of absence for any purpose shall not be regarded as time available for on-call duty periods; rather, the number of duty periods shall be pro-rated to the number of days actually worked. (Articles 12.0 and 13.0)