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Transitioning to Practice

There are many things to do when you are transitioning from residency training to practice. Here is a quick checklist, but it is by no means extensive. Be sure to check with all the appropriate resources early on.

Canadian Medical Association New in Practice Guide

One of the CMA member benefits is the annual CMA New in Practice Guide (during residency, Resident Doctors of Saskatchewan pays your CMA dues, so you are automatically a member). Click here to access your guide.


Contact the College of Physicians and Surgeons of your province or territory of practice to complete registration for licensing. Be aware that the application forms can be time consuming, and that it can take approximately two weeks for the licensing body to process your application. It can be completed with the understanding that your subsequent exam success will be transmitted at a later date. Your billing number and hospital privileges are also dependent on your license.

In Saskatchewan, contact for more information.

College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan Resident Newsletter

The CPSS writes a bi-annual newsletter for residents completing training. It can be found on their website

CMA and Provincial Medical Associations Membership

After your residency is completed, you may choose to join the national and provincial medical associations.

For information on the CMA, consult their website here.

For information on the SMA, contact to update your contact information, and advise of practice plans.

There are various membership categories and dues vary accordingly.

Life and Disability Insurance

Contact to sustain your life and disability insurance - no matter where you practice in Canada - by assuming responsibility for the premiums. Your coverage will convert to ordinary coverage with no medical underwriting. You can also increase your coverage, but first your existing insurance must be confirmed.

CMPA Medical Liability Insurance

It is imperative to have medical liability protection on the day you begin medical practice. Consult the Canadian Medical Protective Association website or call 1-800-267-6522.

If you are staying in Saskatchewan, then complete the "Registration for Reimbursement of CMPA Fees" form. The SMA reimburses physicians for their CMPA fees minus $1000 deductible. Contact

Current Job Opportunities

saskdocs works with medical students, resident doctors, physicians, communities, health facilities and other partners to help find the right physicians for the right community.

Consult their website below, or contact the resident recruiter, Jennifer Grunert at