Work Hours

Regular work days are Monday to Friday from 0800 to 1700. 

A weekday call shift runs 1700 to 0800, plus handover as applicable.

A weekend call shift runs 0800 to 0800, plus handover as applicable.

Please note that some programs run alternate scheduling of regular work days such as 12-hour regular shifts over the rotation. Please discuss specifics with the program and contact us if you have any concerns.

Weekday Call

Monday 1700 - Tuesday 0800

Tuesday 1700 - Wednesday 0800

Wednesday 1700 - Thursday 0800

Thursday 1700 - Friday 0800

Friday 1700 - Saturday 0800

Weekend Call

Saturday 0800 - Sunday 0800

Sunday 0800 - Monday 0800

Statutory Holidays 0800-0800

Resident doctors must not be scheduled to work more than two out of three consecutive weekends. Thus, at a minimum, once in every three weekends, a resident must have from the end of the regular working day Friday (approx. 1700 hours) until Monday 0800 without clinical duties.

Handover and Post-Call Days

In-House Call

  • Handover commences at the 24th hour and shall not exceed 2 hours (26th hour)
  • No new clinical duties to be assigned after 24th hour, barring emergent circumstances
  • Resident is scheduled for a post-call day after handover (starting by the 26th hour) until the start of the subsequent work day

Home Call

  • Clinical responsibilities are relieved at the 26th hour
  • Resident may choose to take a post-call day commencing at the 26th hour until the start of the subsequent workday at their professional discretion as to their ability to continue to safely care for patients

Relevant Articles from the Collective Bargaining Agreement


In-House Call refers to that period of duty during which the resident is required to remain in the hospital.

Out-of-House or Home Call refers to that period of duty in which the resident is allowed to leave the hospital premises, but be available to be called back to the hospital.

Weekend is defined as Saturday and Sunday.

Work Week is defined as Monday to Friday inclusive.

Article 9.1 and 9.2 In-House Call Duty

Article 9.1

Both parties hereto accept that, in order to provide adequate service and care to patients and to enhance the medical education of Residents and so facilitate the realization of their educational objectives, that duty hours be limited to provide a balance of patient care, clinical experience and academics. No Resident will be required to do more than 1 in 4 in-house call averaged over an academic rotation. The duty period referred to is from 1700 - 0800 hours Monday through Friday, and 0800 - 0800 hours Saturday, Sunday and statutory holidays. This duty period shall be referred to as “in-house-on-call” duty. Stipends will be pro-rated where call periods worked are less than provided herein.

Exceptions, based on academic need or exceptional situations, will be monitored by PAIRS (RDoS) and the College of Medicine. Where concerns arise, discussion will be held at a Joint Consultative Committee meeting.

Article 9.2

In the event that a Resident performs In-House call duty in excess of 1 in 4 by assignment, such work will be paid at the rate of $178 (Effective January 1, 2014 increase to $182) for periods from 1700 to 0800 hours on weekdays, and $229 (Effective January 1, 2014 increase to $234) for periods from 0800 to 0800 hours on weekends.

There will be no prorating of these amounts for partial duty periods, and partial periods of In-House call shall not be considered in calculating the number of duty periods. Extension of hours pertaining to a critical medical situation or completion of training or service requirements will also not be considered. In-House-on-call duty periods that result from any leave of absence granted to any Resident pursuant to this Collective Agreement will also not be considered.

Article 9.3 and 9.4 ICU/CCU

Article 9.3

Notwithstanding any other provision of this Collective Agreement, where a Resident is scheduled for 24 hours on/24 hours off in an ICU/CCU, the maximum scheduled duty shall be one (1) rotation in every three (3) days, recognizing that this may be in addition to one (1) day of regular scheduled work.

Article 9.4

In the event that a Resident works 24 hours on/24 hours off ICU/CCU, rotations in excess of the principle of one (1) occasion in three (3) days, he/she will be paid a stipend of $178 (Effective January 1, 2014 increase to $182) per occasion. There will be no prorating of this stipend, and partial duty periods will not be considered. Extended hours resulting from a critical medical situation or completion of training or service requirements will not apply.

Article 9.7 and 9.8 General Work Hours

Article 9.7

Definition of the regular work week is Monday to Friday, inclusive.

A Resident will be scheduled to work a reasonable number of hours. The training/employing organizations will undertake to limit the average number of hours, having due regard for sound patient care and treatment, and the educational requirements of the Resident’s program.

Article 9.8 

Residents who are not on call may be contacted and invited to participate in a case. However, except in the event of an emergency of qualified medical personnel not being available, all residents will be free to decline such invitations.

Residents who are not scheduled to be on call will not be expected to attend rounds on
Saturdays and Sundays that are for service purposes only. However, this does not preclude the scheduling of teaching sessions on weekends, which Residents will be expected to attend.

Article 9.9 Limitations on Work Periods

Article 9.9.1 Home Call

Residents are to be relieved of clinical responsibilities after twenty-six (26) hours from the previous day’s start time on the first post-call day at the Resident’s professional discretion at such point as they feel their ability to safely care for patients may be compromised.

Article 9.9.2 In-House Call

A Resident who is required to provide care of a continuing or intensive nature shall be relieved after patient care handover. Patient care handover shall commence at the 24th hour and not exceed two (2) hours. No new clinical duties shall be assigned or undertaken after twenty-four (24) hours barring emergent circumstances. The Resident shall resume work on regularly scheduled hours the subsequent work day.