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Stipend for Administrative Residents

Residents designated as administrative (chief) residents for their program, receive both time away from regular resident duties to perform their administrative duties and a stipend


  • 15 or fewer residents in their program = minimum of half a work day per month away from regular duties for the chief resident to perform their administrative duties
  • 16 or more residents in their program = minimum of one full work day per month away from regular duties for the chief resident to perform their administrative duties

When more than one resident acts as the Chief, the annual stipend and allotted time shall be prorated between them accordingly.


Stipends are administered through the PGME office. In programs where there are multiple administrative residents, the stipend will be prorated accordingly.

The current chief stipend is $162.06 annually per resident in their program based on a census on October 15 and April 15 of that academic year. (*2014 rates in effect until new collective agreement negotiations complete.)


The role of Administrative Residents is defined by the Post Graduate Medical Education (PGME) office in the Resident Handbook as follows:

The duties assigned to the administrative resident represent the range of responsibilities that can be assigned by the Program Director. Since the number of persons and other factors vary among the departments and hospitals, it is recognized that in some situations the resident may not encompass each category. It is further recognized that the complexity of individual functions or tasks can vary among departments and/or hospitals but that no attempt will be made to alter the compensation due to these differences. Also, duties may be delegated in such a manner that two or more residents share the responsibilities.

Duties of the Administrative Resident

  1. Liaison between faculty/staff and residents, including handling of complaints and concerns originating with the residents, faculty/staff or hospital administration.
  2. Arrangement and preparation of call schedules, ward schedules and holidays to ensure appropriate coverage in the department at any given time.
  3. Orientation of new residents.
  4. Organization of case rounds and audit or ward charts.
  5. Residency teaching round scheduling.
  6. Sub-specialty and grand round scheduling.
  7. Undergraduate seminar scheduling.
  8. Allocation of junior residents to consultants.
  9. Arrange patient cases for undergraduate and postgraduate examinations.
  10. Supervision and assessment of JURSI's including the review of exams written by the JURSI's.
  11. Supervise and coordinate the investigation and treatment of in-patients as directed by the attending physician.
  12. Membership on the Residency Training Committee.
  13. Assist in updating resource material in the department library.
  14. Assist in selecting articles to be reviewed by residents at journal club meetings.
  15. Additional duties that may be assigned from time to time by the Program Director.

Relevant Article from the Collective Bargaining Agreement

Article 8.2 Scales of Remuneration

Article 8.2

A Resident designated as Administrative Resident by the appropriate Program Director shall earn stipends and enjoy paid Administrative time for duties as defined in the Resident Handbook based on the following provisions:

15 or fewer Residents in Program = minimum .5 day per month

16 or more Residents in Program = minimum 1.0 day per month

$159.04 annually per Resident in Program

Effective January 1, 2014 – $162.06 annually per Resident in Program

Where a Resident is designated for a partial year or where two (2) or more Residents share the designation, the annual stipend and allotted time shall be prorated

Stipends will be paid at the end of December based on the Program census as of October 15 that year, and at the end of June based on the Program census as of April 15 that year