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Maternity and Parental Leave

There are a number of steps to take when planning for maternity or parental leave.  Here is a checklist, with appropriate links (if applicable):

  • Begin your Government of Canada Employment Insurance application here.
  • Fill in the PGME Leave of Absence Request Form, and discuss your plan with your Program Director.
  • Contact your Program Administrative Assistant to complete a number of other administrative forms. 
  • Consult the PGME Leave of Absence from Residency Training website for additional information here.

The one year (52 weeks) of leave is separated into maternity and parental leave, as follows:

Maternity Leave (Weeks 1 -16)

Week 1:  Employment Insurance waiting period.  No EI is paid.  No University of Saskatchewan salary top up.

Weeks 2-16: Maternity leave to be taken by the mother. Mother receives EI, which is 55% of salary to maximum of $50,800 (maximum of $538.24 per week). If the birth mother is a Resident Doctors of Saskatchewan member, she is eligible for a top up of 90% of her regular U of S salary.

Parental Leave (Weeks 17-52)

Weeks 17-52: This leave can be taken entirely by either parent, or it can be split between both (and they would receive EI benefits accordingly). There is no University of Saskatchewan salary top up for either parent during this period. 

You can arrange for continuation of your health and dental benefits during your leave, provided that you pay the premiums. Your Program Administrative Assistant will have the appropriate paperwork for you to complete.

In some circumstances, you may apply to have your duties amended during your pregnancy, if recommended by your doctor. Please contact your Program Director or Administrative Assistant for more information.

Your call and night shifts will cease at 28 weeks of gestation, unless you provide a medical note allowing continuation of those duties. 

Secondary Parent Leave Request

If the secondary parent is a member of Resident Doctors of Saskatchewan, they are entitled to 5 days of paid leave, provided it is within thirty days of the birth or adoption, and is taken on consecutive work days.

Having a family during residency?

Resident Doctors of Canada has useful resources for residents who are planning families during their residency programs.  Please consult their website for more information.

Relevant Articles from the Collective Bargaining Agreement

Article 13.3 Maternity and Parental Leave

Article 13.3.1 Maternity/Parental Leave

Maternity/Parental leave shall be provided pursuant to Part IV of the Saskatchewan Labour Standards Act. The first five (5) days of a parental leave shall be with pay, provided that they are taken on consecutive week days within thirty (30) days of the date of birth or adoption. Written application for Maternity/Parental Leave must be submitted to the Resident’s Program Director as soon as reasonably possible, but in any event not less than four (4) weeks prior to the planned start date of such leave. If the condition of a pregnant Resident so justifies, that Resident shall, upon submission of a medical certificate signed by a medical doctor have duties amended to meet the medical requirements. On call and night shifts will cease at 28 weeks of gestation unless the employee provides a medical note allowing them to continue with those duties. The inability to do call shall not be used to justify a demand that the employee cease work.

Article 13.3.2 Supplementary Employment Insurance Benefit

Residents granted Maternity Leave will receive the difference between the Employment Insurance (EI) benefit they receive relative to their pregnancy and 90% of their regular salary during the EI benefit period as a supplement. It is agreed that in such circumstances, the Resident’s total earnings (all sources) cannot exceed 95% of pre-maternity earnings. Regular weekly earnings for purposes of administration of this clause will be determined by dividing the Resident’s annual pay rate in effect on the last day worked prior to commencement of the leave by 52.14. The Employer’s obligation for payment of this supplement shall not extend beyond the period of the contracted appointment if the Resident has completed her requirements as set out by the relevant accrediting body.

13.3.3 Continuity of Employment Benefits

Accumulated sick and vacation leave as of the date Maternity/Parental leave commences shall be retained but will not accumulate during the period of Maternity/Parental leave. Group Life and Long Term Disability insurance shall be continued as was the case prior to this leave subject to any conditions set by the underwriters. Dental and Extended Health Insurance may be maintained provided the Resident pays all required premiums during this leave.

Article 9.11 Limitations of Work Periods

Article 9.11

Vacation time, sick leave and leave of absence for any purpose shall not be regarded as time available for on-call duty periods; rather, the number of duty periods shall be prorated to the number of days actually worked. (Article 12.0)