As a member of Resident Doctors of Saskatchewan, you have the option to enrol in disability insurance provided through RDoS and the Saskatchewan Medical Association. The premiums are paid by your employer (U of S) as part of our collective bargaining agreement. You have the option to continue coverage when you complete residency by assuming the premiums.

This coverage is optional - you are not covered until you opt in by completing the required forms (SMA Membership is required). Send all completed forms to the SMA.

Disability Insurance Details

SMA Membership Application Form

Apply for Disability Insurance

Relevant Articles from the Collective Bargaining Agreement

Article 15.0 - Insurance

Article 15.3 Disability Insurance

15.3.1 Residents who enroll in the RDoS/SMA Group Disability Plan shall receive disability income protection in accordance with the terms of that Plan.

15.3.2 Basic Disability Insurance will be available to all Residents who qualify and to whom regular remuneration is paid by the Employer. The Employer shall pay the premium cost of each Resident enrolled in the Plan.

15.3.3 The total premium cost to the Employer shall not exceed an amount equal to 1.5% of the collective remuneration of all Residents enrolled in the RDoS/SMA Group Disability Plan during the time they are covered by said Plan during the life of this Collective Agreement. Calculation of such collective remuneration shall only include the scales provided in Article 8.1. In the event the actual premium is less than 1.5%, the resulting surplus will accumulate and be used to absorb future actual premium costs that may exceed the 1.5%.

The Employer specifically disclaims any responsibility to pay any premium shortfall which may ensue. In the event that the future cost of Disability Insurance premiums exceeds the 1.5% cap, the Employer will provide notice to the Union and its members that the shortfall will be borne immediately by employees eligible to participate in the RDoS/SMA Group Disability Plan until the terms of said Plan may be adjusted.

15.3.4 Payment of premiums by the Employer will be made only in relation to Residents to whom regular remuneration is paid by the Employer.