Residents are granted 15 sick days at the beginning of PGY1. In your second and subsequent years of training, sick time will be earned and credited at the rate of one and one-quarter days per month of employment.

Sick days accumulate throughout your training. Unused sick leave from prior academic years will be carried over each following year.

For use of sick days

Please speak with your Program Administrator to ensure you have the correct form, as each program may have different tracking methods for sick days.

A resident can take up to five consecutive sick days without notifying PGME of a leave. Providing a doctor's note for use of five or fewer sick days will only be necessary if determined so by the Program Director.

For extended sick/medical leaves (typically 6+ consecutive sick days)

PGME must be notified and the resident must provide a doctor's note for:

- any sick leave of six consecutive sick days or longer, OR

- any medical leave planned in advance (regardless of the length of the leave)

If you have any questions regarding documentation requirements, please contact Joanna Winichuk in the PGME office at

For more information, please review the PGME Leave of Absence Policy linked below.

Relevant Articles from the Collective Bargaining Agreement

Article 13.1 Sick Leave

Article 13.1

Residents shall, upon commencement of training/employment, be credited with fifteen (15) days sick leave. In the second (2nd) and subsequent consecutive year(s) of training/employment, sick leave shall be earned and credited at the rate of one and one-quarter (1 1/4) days per month cumulative over the length of training/employment.

A Resident who is appointed for a term of less than one (1) year shall receive a pro-rata Sick Leave credit upon commencement based on the one and one-quarter (1 1/4) days per month of appointment.

A Resident shall provide evidence of such illness or disability as reasonably required by the Program Director. Residents shall notify the Program Director or the Program Director’s office when absent due to illness.

Articles 9.12 and 9.13

Article 9.12

Program Directors will make copies of all duty schedules available to RDoS through the secretarial staff with the assistance of the Administrative Resident.

Article 9.13

Vacation time, sick leave and leave of absence for any purpose shall not be regarded as time available for on-call duty periods; rather, the number of duty periods shall be pro-rated to the number of days actually worked. (Articles 12.0 and 13.0)