There are four types of call in the collective agreement:

  1. In-House Call
  2. ICU/CCU Call
  3. Home Heavy Call
  4. Home Light Call

Whether a program's call is home light or home heavy depends on the amount of time spent in the hospital during the on-call period on average by all residents in the program. The following calculation is used to determine home-heavy call:

Home Heavy Call is defined as:

A home call where during the period of 5:00 pm and 8:00 am, the resident has to spend more than 4 hours after 5:00 pm and/or 2 hours after midnight out of home (i.e., in the hospital) more than 50% of the time and over a given call period.

A home call during a weekday or stat holiday, where the resident has to spend 12 hours or more during a 24-hour period in the hospital more than 50% of the time over a given call period.

Please note that every hour in the hospital after midnight will count as 2 hours for the calculation.

Home Light Call is considered any home call that does not meet the above definition.

List of Call Designation by Program

View this document to see the call designation for each program

Request a review of your program's call designation

Does your program's call designation need updating? Resident Doctors of Saskatchewan and the PGME office will review the data for call in your program to determine if the call designation should change.