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Dr. Brad Ardell Spirit Award

Dr. Brad Ardell Spirit Award

The Dr. Brad Ardell Spirit Award was created in 2008, in memory of Dr. Ardell who passed away suddenly during his third year of residency. The award recognizes residents who possess the same "true prairie spirit" as Dr. Ardell, a hard-working, compassionate and selfless individual. Nominations open each fall and the award is announced in the new year.

Congratulations to the 2023 Winner, Kristi Galloway!

Here are some of the reasons Dr. Galloway was nominated for the award:

"Kristi Galloway is an exemplary resident that truly embodies the meaning of the Dr. Brad Ardell Spirit Award. She is an empathetic, hard-working, dependable, honest, and integral figure of our healthcare community in La Ronge. I know I am not alone when sharing how much she is appreciated by everyone here. She truly loves the patients she serves in La Ronge as displayed the first time we met on hospital rounds and it has only been further supported each time we work together."

"Kristi also serves many hard-to-reach community members through her clinical practice. She sees patients at their homes in reserve communities outside of the town such as Hall Lake, Sucker River and Grandmother’s Bay. With these regular visits she has helped coordinate important follow-up care and necessary investigations. Within the town she serves patients at both the Women’s and Houseless Shelter, the local group-home and high schools. This level of empathy extends beyond the clinical practice. Kristi carries gift cards with her when she is around town to provide to those who are in need of extra help and she is a key member of a local women’s group that is run through her Church."

"The residents in La Ronge depend on Kristi for wellness with her role as the site Wellness Representative. Through this position Kristi has been able to not only organize activities that encourage bonding, physical and mental wellbeing but also learn and become involved with the community we are a part of. Last Spring Kristi helped to organize a wellness activity to participate in an Elder’s Gathering at one of the outpost communities that she services alongside her other residents. This extra effort to plan and coordinate these types of important cultural events helps strengthen the relationships with the communities she serves. She uses her role as an opportunity to plan meaningful experiences that have a lasting impact."

Congratulations, Kristi!