Residency is an exciting stage of your career, but can present a number of challenges - physically, professionally and emotionally. There are many resources available to help you navigate these challenges.

PGME Resident Resource Office

The College of Medicine has an office dedicated to resident wellness, with resources on managing the complexities of residency. Please visit their webpage, or contact Jennifer Uhryn at 306-966-1669.

SMA Physician Health Program

The Saskatchewan Medical Association offers counselling assistance to Resident Doctors through the Physician Health Program. Contact Tracy Danylyshen-Laycock at for more information.

Employee and Family Assistance Program

The University of Saskatchewan offers confidential counselling services for employees struggling with a number of life's challenges. You and your family, through the collective agreement, have access to this support program.

Access & Equity Services

The University of Saskatchewan offers programs and assistance to students with learning disabilities, mental health or physical health concerns. Resident Doctors looking for assistance with learning accommodations planning should contact AES and the Resident Resource Office at PGME as early on as possible.

Resident Doctors of Canada Wellness Resources

Resident Doctors of Canada has a committee dedicated to resident health and well-being. Check out their website for wellness resources and initiatives.

PAC Membership for Residents

PGME residents qualify for the $25 student membership rate at the PAC.

Residents must submit their PGME Letter of Appointment to the U of S Rec Services as proof of enrolment in order to receive the student rate.