Congratulations to Love Shah, Resident of the Month!

Love Shah, PGY5, Cardiology

I would like to take this opportunity to thank RDoS and my fellow resident colleagues for this recognition! My name is Love and I am a PGY5-Cardiology Fellow in Saskatoon. I had the great privilege of being able to complete medical school, internal medicine residency and now cardiology fellowship in this beautiful city! Saskatoon can be frigid, but it is the warmth in the hearts of its people that makes it such a wonderful place to call home.

In my spare time, I am an avid enthusiast of the cinematic arts, travelling with my wife and all things technology and I often rely on these hobbies to help me destress. Residency training can be one of the busiest phases in our medical career, but I believe in cultivating resilience both within myself, and among my peers to foster an environment where we support each other through challenges, and celebrate our successes together.

As I reflect on this honour, I am excited to share that I will be pursuing a subspecialty fellowship in Interventional Cardiology in Calgary next year. While I embark on this new journey, I will carry with me the memories and friendships formed in this wonderful community. Thank you once again for the generous recognition in this award. It has encouraged me to continue my efforts in resiliency and wellness in fellowship, as well as in my career.

Here are some of the reasons Love was chosen as Resident of the Month (As quoted from the nomination letter):

"One of Dr. Shah's most admirable traits is his unwavering kindness towards patients, colleagues, and staff alike. His compassionate approach to patient care creates a warm and supportive environment for those under his care, fostering trust and comfort during challenging times."

"Dr. Shah consistently demonstrates a dedication to the education and growth of his junior colleagues. He eagerly shares his knowledge and expertise, providing invaluable mentorship and guidance to those in training. His commitment to supporting the development of others not only enhances the quality of patient care within our institution but also cultivates a culture of collaboration and camaraderie among our team."

"In addition to his exemplary teaching efforts, Dr. Shah goes above and beyond in his clinical duties. He willingly takes on extra call shifts to assist his colleagues during busy periods, demonstrating a selfless dedication to the well-being of our patients. Whether it's lending a helping hand during a hectic shift in the Coronary Care Unit or stepping in early to alleviate workload pressures, Dr. Shah consistently exemplifies a spirit of teamwork and service."

Congratulations, Love!

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